Hyo Shin Missions | Day 3


Day 3

01 Sep 2016, Posted by Jon Pang in arts, Front

Today was another great, if not more amazing day. In addition to forming new relationships, we furthered our existing ones.


Ali, the man from Afghanistan that we met on Day 1, returned to our session today. He was a great help in the net making process for today. Ali understood the pattern of the net very quickly and he was very rigorous, precise, and smart with regards to the process.

A newcomer from Russia called Ruslan also helped with the net today. His English was very good, and he was fairly young. It seemed like he had a very long day- he only first arrived at the reception center a few hours before our session. Despite this, he was very lively and interested in visual art, our (borrowed) guitar, and the Korean language. He really thought that Hyo Shin’s project was really unique and good for the people at the center.

Muhammad from Day 2 sang and beat the drum all day. (We borrowed a djembe drum.) We did not originally know that he was also a very proficient drummer.

Art and Music

We finalized the mural and developed our net. Our musical program also became finalized. Rehearsal was another major part of our agenda today (although our rehearsals were really more like freeform jamming sessions, purely for fun.)

We extended the rope net with similarly patterned yarn attachments. The yarn was filled with a variety of colors. We purposely tied the strings in an irregular pattern.

The tape mural was finalized with great joy. Luckily, many children were eager and available to participate. In the end, the mural really ended up being a project by the children- we only provided colorful tape and artistic guidance.

In addition, many of the children and the adults continued to draw on paper. We decorated the room with these drawings. Some seekers drew posters for our concert, so we posted those around the center itself.

We borrowed a djembe drum and a guitar. We did not find many talented guitarists, yet the drum was played all day by a variety of people.