Hyo Shin Missions | After-party and Gratitude


After-party and Gratitude

03 Sep 2016, Posted by Jon Pang in Front

After the concert ended, we all headed to a café nearby.

Here we witnessed the fruits of our work: the asylum seekers were almost transformed in a matter of days. The seekers, regardless of race and even language found unity in creative work and in celebration. Surely although our sessions at the center were vibrant and filled with song, the after-party was when we all felt the most communal bond.

We also expressed our reciprocal gratitude to the fullest extent as we parted ways. While the seekers expressed their gratitude for the empowerment they felt and the joy we all shared, the Hyo Shin team felt a great need to thank the seekers because with them was the root of all of our success and joy.

The seekers really opened their hearts to us, making impossible any boring interactions with them.

The seekers were always on time for us, always coming to our sessions. The little time we had in these sessions was extremely crucial, yet the seekers made sure to come to all of them and bring their friends.

They were always faithful in our ability to run the program and they believed that they themselves had talent worthy of display. In the face of our limited timeframe and ambitious goals not once did they doubt our methods or express anxious feelings.

On top of all of this, we acknowledge that their kind-heartedness and dedication were in the context of their past sufferings and hardships.