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The Strangers’ Concert for Strangers

Ryhmä nuoria taiteilijoita New Yorkista järjestää improvisaatioon poihjautuvan konsertin, joka pohjautuu taide- ja musiikkityöpajoihin, joita taiteilijat ovat järjestäneet turvapaikanhakijaoiden vastaanottokeskuksessa Helsingissä. Kaikille avoin konsertti järjestetään Kirjasto 10 torstaina 1.9. klo 15-16,30. Tervetuloa!

A group of young artists from New York City will organize an improvisation after a series of arts and music workshops for the asylum seekers in an asylum seekers reception center in Helsinki. A public concert with the workshop participants will be held at the Kirjasto 10 on 1st September 15-16.30 . Welcome!

Lisätietoja / contact: +358449607166, hsmf@hyoshinmission.org

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WELCOME NOTES: Musicians without Borders is building a program of support and solidarity in the Netherlands


soource: https://www.musicianswithoutborders.org/projects/welcome-notes/programs/

source: https://www.musicianswithoutborders.org/projects/welcome-notes/programs/


As refugees arrive in increasing numbers in the Netherlands, Musicians without Borders is building a program of support and solidarity. Our trainers and workshop leaders use the power of music to engage people living in emergency reception centers, building trust and connection among refugees, as well as with the local communities in which they are now located. The project in the Netherlands is the first step in a wider program to create connections between local musicians and refugees throughout Europe.
What gives music such a special potential? Music’s unique power is that it works on three levels simultaneously – the biological, the psychological and the social. Psychologists and neuroscientists suggest that music’s origins lie deep in our collective biological evolution. It is thought that the human capacity for empathy developed through pre-language, non-verbal systems of sound, communicating states of body and mind to the other, especially between a mother and her infant. As powerfully as music is shaped by culture, there is solid evidence that culture is shaped by music just as powerfully. While aspects of this transactional relationship
can be traced to our evolution as a species and the development of ‘human’ culture, contemporary experience offers a vast number of examples of music’s capacity to
shape social values, mores and behaviour.

“All of these children are coming from very hard backgrounds. Every day, there is shooting and tear gas. What we are doing here is creating a peaceful and safe place for them, while also giving them one of the most fantastic tools available to people, which is music. Music can make anyone happy.”